Company Profile

Italfreeze is a company specialized in the production and sale of frozen vegetables. It was founded in 2007 with years of experience in the sector, aiming to guarantee its customers high levels of quality and availability. The company boasts a wide range of frozen products including vegetables, greens, spices, and herbs.


The company policy is mainly based on three key pillars:
QUALITY - By ensuring the best products and meticulously following the various production phases, as evidenced by obtaining the ISO 9001:2015 certification.
0 EMISSIONS - High sensitivity to environmental impact by adopting logistic solutions aimed at minimizing travel as much as possible and by installing solar and photovoltaic panels on their offices.
100% AVAILABILITY' - Adapting as closely as possible to the needs and timelines of the customers.


We are able to make deliveries throughout the national territory within 24/48 hours with maximum reliability and security.



Traditional Vegetables


Aromatic Herbs


Grilled Vegetables

Cherry tomato

Red gold


Italfreeze S.r.l.

Phone/Fax : +39 0825 1801285
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Address : Sp 90/162 83025 Montoro Avellino - Italy
VAT : IT 03164420642
REA : AV - 304045